COLOR makes eyes BLEED

Get rid of color in this puzzle-platformer where your only objective is destroy all the color that you see. 

Contains 14 unique levels that you can jump into at any time.

Each level consists of a unique puzzle or gimmick to challenge your puzzle solving skills.

The game has a simple set of mechanics which make up all of puzzles. If two opposite colors touch they break. White is neutral and can remain in the level.


Use 'WASD' or Arrows to move

Press 'r' to restart

Press 'e' to return to menu

Game not running smoothly in your browser? - Download Below...

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the '.exe' found inside the contained folder.


UnSaturated 112 MB
UnSaturated 109 MB


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change the ui to Text Mesh Pro so its much bette

I used text mesh pro

great game. love the puzzle aspect. it got a bit difficult for me to beat after a bit but i enjoyed it thoroughly. 

woaw the level design is so good i'm feeling really comfortable with this level design :O

nice art. I also like the text that appears thoughout the levels. 

you know how to make good puzzles!!!!

Very good puzzles and the idea is great. Good job. I like the music also.

nicely designed puzzles :)

this is already one of my favorites of this jam! Great job on the puzzles, the art style, and the polish! =)