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The three little pigs are being hunted by the big bad WOLF! 

With the help of your trusty boomerang collect enough supplies to build a shelter but don't get caught by the wolf!

In this short, 3 level, platformer you will need to run away from and back to your home while collecting enough supplies to build a shelter all while evading the WOLF!

Quick Pig was made for the 8 bits to infinity VimJam

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Install instructions

Simply unzip the file and run the .exe


Quick 39 MB


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Nice game! The balance between fun and challenge is right on point.


fun game !

This was really enjoyable. I laughed so hard while jumping and ALMOST dying every time. it was the right amount of stress and difficulty

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I finished all the level difficulty

The good: Excellent used of "There and Back" theme for auto side scrolling and simple house material gathering collectible. The puzzle element of you going back is just spot on. good job. 

The bad: The jumping and air mechanic felt a little too heavy. It felt like the pig barely launching forward while jumping. And the jumping momentum just make the game a little frustration. At first I'm confused of what really killed me, in a few round of run I realized the thing that killed me is the spikes on the wind mill which is hard to tell in the beginning of the play. The boomerang is a little too delay and is a little difficult to use it in some way.

I enjoy the game to the end. Nice little game. Simple but good enough artwork and good music!

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Very nice game.(=

What a cool idea

we would be glad if you check out our game

Great game, nice level and wolf design!

The art style and concept is so cute, i was wondering how you incorporated the theme until the wolf started chasing me back and i was like ahhhhh! loved it.

Great game!!! The art is so cute!  It was super stressful in a good way when the wolf was right there and you had to avoid the spikes.  

When he pulled the switcheroo on me I screamed. If people think my game's hard I'll have to send them this. Good job. Nice particle effect and trail. The trail shows my panic movement well.

One thing that I really liked about this game is the wolf animations.  The wolf is truly terrifying and the animations are clean.  The gameplay itself is pretty enjoyable, except I feel like the controls can be adjusted to be a little more tight and precise.  Thanks for checking out my game BTW! 

That wolf really scares me! Great job!

I agree with the other comment, the theme incorporation is great. Also what a twist on the classic 3 pigs tale that we all know and love. Nice of you to have made 3 levels for the 3 pigs so that they can each collect the materials they need, its really well thought out! Well done!

Love the way you incorporated the there and back theme into your game with the windmills and level layouts. My first idea was similar but I couldn't manage to find the correct ideas to make it work. So good job!